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SMAEL is the Chinese brand name of SMAEL. The production base of Smell is located in the SMAEL Industrial Park in Changping, Dongguan, Guangdong. The factory was established in 2000. In 2003, the SMAEL brand was established in Guangzhou,and SMAEL Business department was established in Guangzhou.
There are a professional sales team and technical team in our company.Division of departments:development design,inspection,mold,beer machine,hardware,screen printing ,pad printing ,silicone molding.
It park covers an area of about 1,500 square meters,with comfortable environment and complete equipment. It has hundreds of various types of production machinery and more than 190 professional employees.Since the establishment of the company which has implement various tasks in strict accordance with requirements also establish an efficient management team.
The company's products use environmental protection material, and use scientific methods to manage every process of product circulation.From the new design and development to the source material, parts production, finished product assembly and shipping process are all strictly managed and tested by the team,we can according the customers and various export requirements to product,such as third-party certification(ROHS/FDA/LFGB/UL...etc. ).
Therefore, we have the ability to guarantee not only to provide our customers with the more excellent service and quality, but also to accurately complete orders.!
Our company supply system services:design development,production,sales service,transportation.Our operating principle is "quality,science,and double win",abide by the contract and reputation, repay the support of our customers with endsville products and service.

Guangzhou Smael Watch Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Smael Watch Co., Ltd.

Focus on the production trend of multi-functional electronic watches

More than 3000 in stock inventory is available for our suppliers and distributors to choose from, focusing on sports trends and styles, while also constantly developing the most cost-effective products for your choice.

"Innovation, perfection, honesty, harmony and focus" spirit of enterprise.

Innovation: break the traditional thinking, innovation, sharing new things.
Perfect: no rush, elaborate, perfect production.
Integrity: the lifeblood of the enterprise, is the foundation of all values.
Harmony: harmonious development, to achieve win-win, long-term cooperation.
Focus: the integration of the times and science, and strive to be the trend guide.

Guangzhou Smael Watch Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Smael Watch Co., Ltd.

Light custom/open mold order

23 years of tabulation technology precipitation, sample design, assembly, quality control and testing can meet 99% of the market demand.

100% quality inspection and waterproof test

It has advanced waterproof testing equipment and precision testing instruments to ensure that all watches are high quality and waterproof.

Guangzhou Smael Watch Co., Ltd.

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Jiatian Watch City, 86 Guangyuan West Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 801


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